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How to remove the arterial sheath from the femoral artery Video Lecture:

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How to remove the arterial sheath from the femoral artery
This video lecture series on Nursing Procedures and Skills includes Male Catheter Insertion, Male Urethral Catheterization, Gloving, Insulin Pens, Injecting Insulin, Subcutaneous Injection, Intramuscular Z-track Injection, Drawing From an Ampule, Drawing Up From a Vial, Changing a Dressing, Cardiovascular Examination, Abdominal Examination, Auscultation of the Posterior Thorax, Respiratory Examination, Perineal Wash for Men and Women, Internal jugular Vein Puncture, Animation on Central Venous Line Insertion, Animation on Catheterization, Animation on Nasogastric Tube, feeding tube and more.... ad
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